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Triwizard Tournament

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Harry Potter Icon Triwizard Tournament
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Welcome to the Harry Potter Icon/Graphic Triwizard Tournament! This is a community where you join various Harry Potter Book/Movie "Graphic Tournaments" to win the grand prize of a banner! =D

Basically, there will be three contests in which we narrow down the best, leaving one person in first place, second, and third. The system of elimination will depend on how many people enter the contest. You will make a graphic out of a cap, lyrics, or anything that is posted - just make sure that you only use images from the movies/books!

1) For icons, they must be LJ-friendly.
2) Don't insult anyone's graphics.
3) Don't steal work.
4) Make *new* icons for each contest.
5) Don't tell people to vote for you/post your icons before the voting is finished.
6) Don't cheat.
7) You must be a member to vote/enter.
8) When entering icons, comment with the icon and the URL.

Contest Details
Here's basically how it will work:
1) I'll probably have a banner/graphic contest going on the same time as the icon contest, but don't worry, we'll keep updated links in the user info, so you can come here to see what's going on!
2) I will make a first post, where everyone is free to enter (by screened comment).
3) I will put up voting, where you comment (screened) with your top 3 favorites - no more or less, or you votes will not be counted. You can't vote for yourself.
4) As I said before, the number of eliminated entries depends on how many people enter in the first place. But I will post the top winners of that voting, and the eliminated people.
5) Two more challenges will be put up in this same way until we have the winners, then we'll start again!
6) Feel free to continue to vote even after you've been eliminated.
7) Also feel free to continue to try the contests - once we start over, your previous eliminations don't matter!

How many contests are there at once?
2 - one icon "tournament" and one header/banner "tournament."

I'm really confused. What do I do?
Basically, it's like an icon contest, so don't let it confuse you! Just enter your icons, and then see if you've been eliminated at the end of voting. If not - continue on to the next challenge, and enter that!

I'm half-way through, and now I want to quit!
I can't stop you from quitting, but it would be nice if you let me know first, because we don't want to be waiting on someone who's not here!

Who are you and how can I contact you?
Well, I'm koala990. Feel free to contact me through email (blondiebeargirl@hotmail.com), but I always say it's better to just leave me a comment.

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